Symptoms and signs of health complications to know

Smoke from Canadian wildfires blanketed much of the Great Lakes region Wednesday, sending the air quality to unhealthy levels. Chicago and Detroit were among the top three cities with the worst air quality in the world, according to the tracking service The National Weather Service says the ongoing wildfires in Canada are expected to […]

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Media overload is hurting our mental health. Here are ways to manage headline stress

The adults from the 2021 Hwang study, who also rated the frequency of their news consumption, reported on how often they had felt “anxious,” “overwhelmed,” or “afraid about what might happen” since they became aware of Covid-19. Overall, all types of news media consumption increased emotional distress, but television and social media exposure were more […]

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Ask Us Anything About…Healthy Holiday Celebrations

Scott Gilbert – Ask Us Anything About Healthy Holiday Celebrations. I’m Scott Gilbert. Well, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the advice last year around holiday celebrations was rather straightforward and not very optimistic. Right? Essentially don’t go, but if you do, please be really careful. A year later, progress has been made and many […]

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The (Monster) Medical Minute: Is horror healthy?

Good evening, bats and ghouls. Time to pull up a tombstone and gird yourselves for a maddeningly monstrous Medical Minute, full of nerve-wracking news-you-can-use and healthy tips from HE-double vampire stakes. October 26, 2022Penn State Health News This week, our sinister subject matter experts will dig up the frightening facts about fear. That thing that’s […]

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