Nine tips for healthy social media use | MIT News

Scrolling. Liking. Commenting. Click-click-clicking. The majority of US college students spend hours each day on social media platforms and are never far from their digital devices. In this era of constant online engagement, students’ identities, experiences, and mental health are significantly impacted by social media use. In response to this, MindHandHeart created a list of […]

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How does sleep affect health?

What is REM sleep? At times during sleep, the brain will also shift back up into rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep. Discovered by Kleitman and his student Eugene Aserinsky, REM sleep is characterized by rapid movement of the eyes behind the eyelids, and brain patterns during REM sleep most closely resemble those of the […]

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New guidelines: Healthy lifestyle, managing risks are key to preventing heart attack, stroke

(Claudia Totir, Getty Images) Living a healthy lifestyle by getting plenty of exercise and eating a nutritious diet are the keys to preventing heart disease, according to new guidelines released Sunday. The guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology were presented Sunday at an ACC annual meeting and led by […]

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How air pollution is destroying our health

As the world gets hotter and more crowded, our engines continue to pump out dirty emissions, and half the world has no access to clean fuels or technologies (eg stoves, lamps), the very air we breathe is growing dangerously polluted: nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air, which kills 7 million people every […]

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How modern life affects our physical and mental health

Modern day living is a multifaceted compendium of evolving technology and social media. Communication outlets are changing every part of our lives so rapidly that it can be tough to adjust. Are technology and media affecting our physical and mental health? Share on PinterestThe technological and social media advances of the past decade have taken […]

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