KFF’s Kaiser Health News and NPR Launch Diagnosis: Debt, a Yearlong Reporting Partnership Exploring the Scale, Impact, and Causes of the Health Care Debt Crisis in America

KFF’s Kaiser Health News (KHN) and NPR today launched a yearlong investigative project that explores the scale, impact, and causes of the health care debt crisis in the United States. Drawing upon a special KFF poll conducted for the project, original data analysis, and hundreds of interviews, the investigation revealed a problem far more pervasive […]

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Occupational health: health workers

Overview Health workers are all people engaged in work actions whose primary intent is to improve health, including doctors, nurses, midwives, public health professionals, laboratory technicians, health technicians, medical and non-medical technicians, personal care workers, community health workers, healers and traditional medicine practitioners. The term also includes health management and support workers such as cleaners, […]

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CPR’s true survival rate is lower than many people think: Shots

Science Photo Library/Getty Images Science Photo Library/Getty Images “Nurse refuses to perform CPR,” read the caption on an ABC newscast in California. “911 dispatcher’s please ignore.” Several days earlier, an elderly woman at a senior living facility had gone into cardiac arrest. The dispatcher instructed an employee to perform CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. But the […]

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You can start preventing heart disease at any age

Oftentimes heart complications arise in patients you’d least expect. Just because a patient might not have classic risk factors for heart complications, doesn’t mean they won’t happen, says Sanford Health cardiology specialist Kelly Steffen, DO “I had a patient, he’s only 42, came in with a heart attack and ended up needing a stent. He […]

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International Labor Conference adds safety and health to Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

GENEVA (ILO News) ‒ Delegates attending the International Labor Conference (ILC) have adopted a resolution to add the principle of a safe and healthy working environment to the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Delegates adopted the measure at the Conference’s plenary sitting on Friday 10 June. Until now there have […]

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