How to get the right health insurance plan for you

On this week’s Inside Business with Ciarán Hancock we look at Aviva’s plan to re-enter the Irish health insurance market and what that might mean for consumers.

Will this deliver lower prices for hard pressed Irish consumers? Will it bring additional benefits in coverage? And is it worth the hassle to switch for customers of VHI, Laya and Irish Life Health? To get some answers to these questions and more, Ciarán is joined on the podcast by Dermot Goode of, a Locktons Company, and an expert on Irish health insurance.

Also on the podcast, the Government published its Stability Program Update. This is an update of budgetary forecasts provided to the European Union. It predicts a surplus for this year of €8.6 billion and a warning that the economy has slowed.

Cliff Taylor of The Irish Times has gone through the document to break down the vast array of numbers and what they mean. How much of the budget surplus might be used to fund tax cuts or additional spending on key public services, given that €6 billion is earmarked for two sovereign funds?

Produced by John Casey with JJ Vernon on sound.